About Us

We create active travel behaviours…

UrbanTrans helps to create new developments and redevelopment sites that support active and efficient travel behaviours from the get go. This too makes them great places. We also work with established communities – workplaces, schools, and local precincts – to create new travel behaviours by optimising the existing transport environment through design, minor infrastructure and service improvements and behaviour change interventions. Here are some examples of our recent projects:


  • Newcastle East End master plan transport strategy
  • Docklands transport strategy
  • Gold Coast TDM strategy
  • Moonee Valley Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Guide to developing a Walking Strategy - Victoria Walks

Site-specific plans and interventions

  • Optus TDM implementation
  • Liverpool Hospital travel plan
  • Active travel to school plans
  • North Harbour travel plans and carpooling
  • Knox shopping centre precinct travel plan
  • New Lynn Personalised Journey Plans

Partnerships to deliver change

  • Macquarie Park TMA establishment
  • Access Docklands TMA (business plan and management)